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India Travel Guide - Agra - U.P

Uttar Pradesh Travel Guide & Tourist Spots
Travel India guide provides you with detailed information on uttar Pradesh. Holiday in a dozen hill stations, hunt or angle in jungle and river teeming with game and fish, shoot with your camera in sanctuaries Corbett bequeathed to the land, worship in a dozen pilgrim centres of different faiths, bathe in the Ganges at Varanasi (Benares), drink deep of history and legend in buildings beautiful or left with the mark of battles and wars that are part of the history of a nation old before Buddha and Christ and Mohammed were born. No part of the country has more to offer the visitor, be he interested in relaxation, culture or the awesome, exquisite beauty of the Taj. No part of the country has more places with magical names known throughout the world. No part of the country is more involved with the politics of today..

Tourist places to visit in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Jain Shrines
The innumerable Jain Shrines that dot the state of Uttar Pradesh speak of a myriad intimate association with the lives and activities of the Jain Tirthankars (Jain religious preachers), who spread the message of peace, non violence, love and enlightenment.

Utta Pradesh Jain Shrine  Uttar Pradesh Buddha  Varanasi

State Museum Lucknow, Archeological Museum Varanasi, Bharat Kala Bhavan Varanasi, Allahabad Museum, Government Museum Mathura, Archeological Museum Sarnath, Archeological Museum Haridwar.

Agra's Zardoji
Agra's Zardoji is very unique art of embroidery in three dimension's. The artist first makes free hand sketches of this subjects. Then he embroiders in cotton threads over and over till he gets the required thickness and movements. Finally the artists takes fibre from silk threads, twists then together in the shades required for and embroiders with them the particular piece. In the process he creates original unparallel work of art.

Carpets and Floor Coverings
The largest concentration of carpet weaving in the country is in Uttar Pradesh with 90 percent of the production and 75 percent of the weavers. The main centers are Mirzapur, Bhadohiand Khamaria area. They also make use of the 18th century designs with short clippings of the yarn around the contours of the pattern to give it a sculpturesque look. Mostly pastel shades are used but intermingled with bright colours.

Cuisines of Uttar Pradesh
Kundan Kaliya, Shami Kabab, Kakori Kabab, Gulnaar Kababs, Nehari Khaas, Nargisi Kofta, Patili Kabab

Hindu Pilgrim Places Allahabad, Ayodhya, Barsana, Gokul, Goverdhan, Mahavan, Mathura-Vrindavan, Varanasi.

Gokul Ayodhya Mathura Taj Mahal

Uttar Pradesh is the largest Brass and Copper making state in India with thousands of establishments. In domestic-ware each of the scores of lotas (small water-pots) is known by the name of its origin, like Etawah, Banaras, Sitapur, etc. The ritual articles are largely in copper like tamrapatra (pot for storing water); panchapatra for holding in all the articles needed for worship; simhasan a seat for the deity; kanchanthal, plate for offering flowers and sweets, and a host of such things.

The Chikankari Embroidery of Lucknow
The delicate art of embroidery traditionally practiced in the city of Lucknow and it’s environs is known as ‘Chikankari’. The name ‘chikan’ seems to have been derived from the Persian word, either ‘Chikan’, ‘Chikin’ or ‘Chikeen’. It means a kind of cloth wrought with needle–work. Although it originated as a court craft, today it is a practiced tradition and an important commercial activity.

Date : February 10, 2018